Understand the causes and management of cardiovascular disease

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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading global cause of death. On this course, you’ll learn how the cardiovascular system functions and understand common cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, as well as the risk factors associated with them. You’ll also learn about blood pressure, blood sugar control and imbalances, and the role of these in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. You’ll investigate socio-economic factors in the development of cardiovascular diseases, and current management and prevention strategies.

What topics will you cover?

  • The anatomy of the heart, arteries, veins and the composition of blood.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, and how they can develop and progress over time.
  • Statistical trends in cardiovascular disease over the decades and across the world.
  • The two most common risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases: high blood pressure and high-glucose levels.
  • Causes, risk factors and basic management of high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Basic treatment options (medications and interventions) for hypertension and diabetes.
  • The socio-economic impact of hypertension and diabetes.