Are you planning on going to Norway to study, travel or work? Are you interested in Norwegian culture? Are you looking for the key to the Scandinavian Model? Or a troll to marry?

This free online course will give you the basic language skills needed to make new friends and cope with everyday situations, as well as being a stepping stone for a further exploration into Norwegian language, society and culture.

Get an introduction to Norwegian language

This four week course will give you an introduction to Norwegian, a language spoken by about 5 million people. You will learn basic language and grammar through active learning. After completing this course, you will be able to participate in everyday conversations.

Explore Norwegian culture and society

You will also discover more about the culture of Norway – what daily life looks like, what food is enjoyed there, what are the cultural and social norms in this fascinating country.

Learn from experts in Norwegian

The University of Oslo is well practiced at teaching and inspiring a love of Norwegian language and culture. There has even been created an interactive chatbot for you to have conversations with – so you can practice your Norwegian easily.

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