On this online course, we’ll look at three types of maths puzzle, exploring their history, meeting the puzzlists who created them, and studying and practising problem-solving techniques.

Each week, we’ll tackle a different type of encrypted maths puzzle, including:

  • Cryptarithms: maths puzzles where the digits have been replaced by letters. You’ll need to practise your verbal arithmetic and use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve them.
  • Symbologies: maths puzzles where numbers are represented by symbols. We’ll explore everything from ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek numerals to the language of computers to ISBN and bar codes.
  • Mathematical operator puzzles: maths puzzles where the numbers are given, but the mathematical operator is missing. For example, what operation does the asterisk stand for in *1320=6?

By the end of the course, you’ll have upgraded your problem-solving skills, gained knowledge and insight into the history, art and methodology of deciphering encrypted puzzles, and exercised your brain with fun challenges.

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