Nanotechnology is used to control and manipulate nanometer-sized matter with nanometer precision. This can be atoms, molecules, or larger biological structures such as DNA or living cells. This online course explores the potential of nanotechnology in medical applications, to create new devices that can be used to diagnose a disease or monitor a medical treatment.

What topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to the technology and science of nanotechnology.
  • The relation between nanotechnology and medical applications.
  • The impact and possible consequences of new techniques for ethical questions and societal behaviour.
  • Introduction to the underlying science and technology of nanotechnology developments and of the techniques used to produce devices that use nanotechnology.
  • Nano and breath: Electronic nose; Nano and blood: Lab-on-a-chip; Nano and urine: Cancer detection.
  • Example cases where new technology is not an independent development but arises from societal questions, and in turn also creates new societal and ethical questions.

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