What is gravity? This fundamental force is the common theme between concepts as intriguing as the Big Bang, black holes, dark energy, space-time, gravitational waves and the expansion of the Universe.

If these concepts pique your interest, this free online course is for you. It doesn’t require any background in physics or mathematics, just a simple curiosity about the Universe and our place in it.

The theory of gravity, Einstein’s theory of relativity, was published exactly 100 years ago. This course presents in a simple manner the main ideas behind this theory, before explaining why gravity is the engine of the Universe.

The basic notions are then introduced to understand why the Universe is in expansion. You will find out:

  • why the further you look, the more distant the past is;
  • how we can tell what happened just after the Big Bang;
  • what the dark components of the Universe are;
  • why we’re so impatiently expecting the discovery of gravitational waves;
  • and what happens when you cross the horizon of a black hole.

Over six weeks, you’ll learn with Pierre Binétruy, the Director of the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics at Paris Diderot University, as well as the cosmologist, George Smoot, who will explain the discovery that earned him the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2006.

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The course starts on 26th October 2015.