So what is pharmacy? How has it changed and where is it headed?

This course will answer these questions and provide a comprehensive introduction to this profession. We will explore the history of pharmacy and its evolving scope of practice; examine educational and career pathways; tackle issues relating to medication safety and adverse drug events; gain insight into the regulatory and ethical considerations in pharmacy practice; and more.

As we explore these topics together, we will hear from practising pharmacists throughout the course and ultimately gain a better understanding of what they do and how they help us get the best results from our medications. Maybe you will decide that the dynamic profession of pharmacy is a career path that you want to pursue! Whether student or healthcare consumer, you’re sure to find the material we cover in this course to be invaluable.

Course Syllabus

Week One: The history of pharmacy and its evolving scope of practice
Week Two: Educational pathways in pharmacy
Week Three: Career pathways for pharmacists & their role in the healthcare system
Week Four: The medication experience
Week Five: Drug discovery and development
Week Six: Regulatory and ethical considerations in pharmacy
Week Seven: Contemporary issues and the future of pharmacy
This course will begin in January 2015 and is offered by Ohio State University. Click here for more details.