Open Yale courses are another fantastic resource which should encourage our girls to carry out wider reading and which provide an opportunity for them to access Yale University’s undergraduate lecture programmes. To provide a flavour of the courses for the girls I have picked an area that remains fascinating to me and that still captures my interest- namely early modern social history. So if you click on this link it will take you to a set of very accessible and interesting lectures by Professor Keith Wrightson as he delivers a series of lectures on the development of English society between the late fifteenth and the early eighteenth centuries. Particular issues addressed in the lectures include: the changing social structure; households; local communities; gender roles; economic development; urbanisation; religious change from the Reformation to the Act of Toleration; the Tudor and Stuart monarchies; rebellion, popular protest and civil war; witchcraft; education, literacy and print culture; crime and the law; poverty and social welfare; the changing structures and dynamics of political participation and the emergence of parliamentary government.

In total there are over 400 lectures and topic areas for girls to investigate. Do have a look at the homepage of the Yale Open website to view the course that could enrich the A level studies of our students.